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At Ward Hadaway, we have brought together a series of products to meet a range of needs.

These are by their nature very flexible solutions, because rarely does one size fit all when it comes to providing high quality professional services. So take a look below, and then get in touch to talk about whether there is a solution to meet your own business needs.

Our products

Jeffrey Keeble

Diagnostic legal review

As the pressure on Trusts to make efficiencies and cut costs continues to mount, Ward Hadaway’s healthcare experts have come up with a solution that supports and assists you in assessing your own operation to ensure best practice and identify savings.

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Are you CQC ready?

New CQC inspection models require board and management teams to be on top of the new standards of compliance to protect your Trust’s reputation. Our healthcare and regulatory experts can provide an independent review and guide you through the legal and regulatory minefield to prepare you for inspection.

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Katy Lund


KnowledgeCentre is a primary resource for storing, and making instantly available, legal information and existing best practice and specialist internal advice to help you to operate more efficiently and become considerably more cost-effective.

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Investigation services

Sometimes it is difficult to get to the heart of a problem – fractious working relationships; complaints about culture; allegations of bullying and harassment; a serious incident; a dispute; a mistake. Our investigations services provides a network of highly skilled and experienced investigators who can provide an independent view or additional resource allowing managers and HR team to focus on their "day" job.

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