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NHS organisations and those who work within them are faced with myriad challenges every working day. As a result, when you need
to deal with a legal matter, you need the confidence that you can do so in a prompt and effective manner.

Ward Hadaway’s expert Healthcare Barrister, Melanie Gavin, will work closely with you and your Trust to develop and implement KnowledgeCentre, a primary resource for storing, and making instantly available, legal information and existing best practice and specialist internal advice, to help you to operate more efficiently and become considerably more cost-effective.

Why you need our award winning KnowledgeCentre

We have undertaken legal reviews for a wide range of NHS Trusts which have highlighted common key areas of practice that could be improved to save on both time and cost. Working side-by-side KnowledgeCentre will be created to act as a ‘one stop shop’ of consolidated and easily accessible guidance, expertise and learning points, which can be shared across teams. If you are facing a particular issue, you can check the KnowledgeCentre to see if similar advice (legal or internal) has been obtained by the Trust previously. You can then use the tool to help determine if it’s necessary to instruct a solicitor. Engaging solicitors can be an expensive budgetary commitment and therefore the Trust needs to ensure that solicitors are only contacted for specific purposes after exhausting all the available internal knowledge and expertise. The KnowledgeCentre makes this a quick and simple process.

What KnowledgeCentre will achieve

  • Improved access and sharing of best practice resulting in more efficient use of people’s time
  • Capturing of knowledge and advice will assist with preventing knowledge leaving the Trust through staff turnover and long term sickness
  • Reduction in the need to seek external legal advice through improved consultation with internal colleagues and sharing of existing internal and external knowledge
  • Improved controls around obtaining legal advice to ensure that solicitors are only used when necessary
  • Improved controls to ensure that right questions are asked of solicitors so that valuable advice is obtained and inefficient use of solicitors is reduced
  • A culture of exhausting all internal options before seeking external advice is embedded in the Trust resulting in enhanced working relationships


NHS Foundation Trust Chairman

“The KnowledgeCentre is a brilliant idea now brought into reality. NHS trusts spend an awful lot of time and money getting legal advice and managers often put off or delay making decisions because they are not sure of the legal consequences that may result. The knowledge centre creates a resource to help managers at all levels get the guidance they need at the touch of a button.”

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