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Ward Hadaway is launching the Legal Services Healthcare Forum - an online forum and a platform for NHS Professionals to connect, share their insights into common legal issues arising in their working environments, best practice and lessons learned with like-minded colleagues.

This forum will be held monthly and will be hosted by the Healthcare Team at Ward Hadaway.

If you are in a position where you are working alone or in silo, then this forum would be the ideal place for you to exchange ideas and talk about issues that matter to you.

Ward Hadaway Legal Services Forum has been created to allow NHS professionals who advise on legal or governance issues to openly share their experiences and knowledge with their colleagues from other Trusts, to discuss topical issues and exchange ideas and to touch base with our lawyers to sense check their responses to legal conundrums they have encountered.

We want to help you to connect with others facing similar issues and challenges and to know what is on your minds so that we can assist.

The Forum will:

  • Enable you to share insights and best practice on common themes
  • Connect NHS Professionals with each other
  • Create an opportunity to openly discuss any challenges you are facing and how to approach them
  • Deliver short, informative talks on key themes identified by you
  • Introduce you to guest speakers who will share their insights on healthcare law issues relevant to your work
    and practice.

Who is it aimed at:

  • Heads of Legal Services
  • Directors of Quality and Governance
  • Heads of Complaints and PALS

For further information please contact:

Lisa Evans

Partner | Healthcare

+44 (0) 330 137 3393

+44 (0)773 846 2682

Email Lisa Evans

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Georgina Rowley

Partner | Healthcare

+44 (0) 330 137 3379

+44 (0) 792 149 8907

Email Georgina Rowley

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Victoria Parker

Managing Associate | Healthcare

+44 (0)330 137 3222

+44 (0)771 100 7548

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