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The New Deprivation of Liberty Court

On 4th July 2022, the Government launched the new National Deprivation of Liberty Court ('NDOLC'), in an attempt to address the increasing number of applications in relation to authorisation of the deprivation of a child's liberty.

Video: Global mobility matters

Are you as comfortable as you could be with bringing your staff to the UK, whether that's to work or for a business trip and global mobility in general?

Is Long Covid a disability?

Many employers will be dealing recently with employees who have been absent due to Covid, including those who were shielding or self-isolating.

Procurement in a Nutshell – Procurement Policy Note 01/22

This Nutshell covers the Procurement Policy Note 01/22 (PPN 01/22) as issued by the Cabinet Office as guidance to public sector bodies on how they should "cut ties" with companies which are sponsored or "backed" by Russia or Belarus.