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Insights: Healthcare

March’s Employment Law Digest – is menopause a disability?

Not in itself, no. What I am referring to here, of course, are the recent headlines proclaiming: "Employer's must make reasonable adjustments for women going through the menopause"... Or snappier titles depending on where you get your news from.

Procurement in a Nutshell – Debarment

This Nutshell will analyse the new obligations on contracting authorities in relation to Debarment List, drawing attention to any key changes from previous procurement legislation which contracting authorities ought to be aware of.

Recommended Salary Rules Published for Skilled Worker Visas

On 4 December 2023 the Home Secretary announced a shake up to the Immigration Rules which will have a fundamental impact on the way in which UK employers use the Skilled Worker visa to recruit non-UK nationals into skilled roles.