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In all we do, we aim to be fair, clear and open about our pricing.

Since every matter we work on is different, arriving at standardised pricing is very difficult.  In keeping with the guidance from our regulator, the SRA, we have done so for certain services we offer – these are available below, or from the particular service page on this website.  However we would always encourage you to contact us directly to talk through your own needs.  This is so that we can ascertain what is best for you, how we can try to achieve this, and what we estimate this will cost.

We try to be flexible wherever possible, and can in some circumstances provide fixed fees, capped fees, retained arrangements or reduced hourly rates depending on the scale and complexity of the work you require.  We can, in some specific instances involving disputes or personal injury claims, explore working with third party insurers to provide contingent fee arrangements.

All prices are of course subject to VAT, and we may need to charge disbursements (expenses incurred by us), and third party fees (for instance for barristers), however all this would be explained to you up front and before starting any work, and would not be incurred without your express permission.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

A list of services for which we have provided examples of standard pricing