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Diagnostic legal review

Is your team running as efficiently as possible?

As the pressure on Trusts to make efficiencies and cut costs continues to mount, Ward Hadaway’s healthcare experts have come up with a solution that supports and assists you in assessing your own operation to ensure best practice and identify savings.

Our experts will come and spend time working with your teams to ensure that we have a continuity of view across your entire organisation. This, alongside our unrivalled experience operating with a whole range of Trusts across the country, enables us to take a fresh and independent view on your operations.

A 360 degree insight

We offer a package where we come and embed our expert lawyers into five back office functions of your operation:

  • Corporate finance and procurement
  • Finance with anti-fraud
  • HR with organisational development
  • Facilities with estates management
  • Legal services

We can then present to you a comprehensive report which highlights best practice and gives practical recommendations for operational improvements and efficiencies for your Trust.

Why Ward Hadaway

  • We are independent of the NHS, assessors and consultancies
  • This is not a scoring or ranking exercise, but an honest and experienced review
  • We embed ourselves within your operations, so we get the honest, inside view
  • We operate on a fixed price/fixed time basis for absolute transparency

Described by The Lawyer Top 100 as having a ‘stealth-like command of the healthcare sector’, our knowledge and expertise leaves us perfectly placed to deliver commercial solutions to the myriad of challenges you face every working day, bringing a confidence and energy to your organisation. We are full of good ideas, with much of our work being ground-breaking and of pathfinder status and our friendly and pragmatic approach means you are getting the right advice, at the right time and, of course, at the right price. We are proud to partner the NHS.


Finance Director from a large NHS organisation

“As the Director of Finance of a financially challenged NHS Trust, we are constantly reviewing ways to deliver best value for the money we spend. Melanie Gavin from Ward Hadaway has recently undertaken a review of our spend and internal governance process for legal services.

Melanie undertook the review and spent a number of days with our staff in order to get a clear understanding of our issues. She was able to get to the root of these issues quickly and has helped our staff to change the way they engage with the legal profession in a very positive manner.

The report has provided us with the opportunity to reduce our legal spend, realise the benefits of using the procurement framework and also improve the internal governance process for legal
services. I would not hesitate to recommend Melanie to other organisations looking to review their legal services.”

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

“Ward Hadaway have provided us with a clear and objective view about our processes and practices in relation to legal services across the organisation. They engaged with staff in a way that recognised and respected areas of good practice from both the Trust and provider perspective and gave immediate feedback to teams to enable them to implement rapid improvement where that was helpful. We are now much better informed and able to consider a range of options for the short and medium term that will improve efficiency and effectiveness as well as having some food for thought around innovation for the long term. It has been a really good piece of added value work.”

South West London & St. George's Mental Health NHS Trust

“I contracted Ward Hadaway to undertake an efficiency review of our legal services spend and of our internal legal systems and process. Melanie Gavin undertook this review and embedded herself in the organisation over a number of days in order to get a clear view and understanding of the issues we had. The report was clearly presented and it enabled us to save resources both in a reduction in legal spend but also an increased efficiency of internal systems and processes. I would highly recommend Melanie to other organisations looking to review legal services.”

Call us to find out more about how our legal review can work for you.

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