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As a manager or director, you want to ensure that your organisation is managed effectively and in compliance with the law. As a business owner, you want confidence that your investment is protected against unforeseen issues.

Get your corporate governance wrong and it can have a detrimental financial and reputational effect on your business and those associated with it.

Our commercial experts have in-depth expertise advising organisations of all sizes across all sectors on corporate governance issues. With constant developments within the corporate governance arena, we pay close attention to the latest advice and potential impact of new regulations.

You may experience issues from rules affecting the legal structure of companies or partnerships, or the underlying legal and administrative principles applying to the public or private sector. Whatever challenge you face, we can help you to establish a system of corporate governance that works for you and your organisation.

Our commercial experts advise on everything from the rights and responsibilities of officers, observers and members and their respective reporting lines through to rules and procedures for decision making, conflicts of interest, accounting for benefits and stakeholder rights.

As a full-service Top 100 law firm, we provide a clear 360-degree view on corporate governance and legal requirements. We ensure that all angles are covered, that each part of your organisation understands how it relates to the whole and how it is accountable, and that the solution we devise is tailored to your needs.

Our services
  • Codes of conduct
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Director disqualification
  • Disclosure and transparency
  • Articles of Association
  • Shareholders’ Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • LLP Members’ Agreements
  • Inter-group agreements
  • Member, officer and trustee training
  • Non-executive directors
  • Officer and member roles and responsibilities
  • Procurement
  • Rights and treatment of shareholders, partners and LLP members
  • Unfair prejudice claims
  • Vires issues

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Damien Charlton

Partner | Head of Commercial

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Steven Roper

Partner | Commercial

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Partner | Corporate

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  • Colin Hewitt has an excellent understanding of the dynamics of the public sector and its counteraction with the private sector.

    Legal 500

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