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Alternative sources of funding have multiplied in recent years with crowdfunding one of the most recent entrants in the field.

Usually accessed via an internet-based platform, it has become a popular way for companies, particularly start-up and early stage businesses, to gain valuable seed capital or development finance for a particular product or service.

While smaller scale initiatives often opt for crowdfunding routes which offer investors perks rather than equity, most substantial crowdfunding schemes are equity-based.

These bring with them important implications for companies to consider when deciding on whether to go down the crowdfunding route.

How much of the company are you willing to offer in return for funding?

What happens if your crowdfunding initiative is under-subscribed?

How will you deal with a diverse equity base and how will the crowdfunding initiative affect more traditional shareholders in your business?

Our expert team can help you with these and other issues involved with crowdfunding, providing sensible, clear-headed advice on the options available and the implications of a crowdfunding push.

We can also guide you through other alternative potential sources of capital, such as private equity backing, venture capital or business angel investment to ensure you get the complete picture of the options available to you and your business.

For more information on how we can help you with your funding plans, please get in touch.

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