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Outsourcing can be an attractive option for a range of different businesses: to facilitate greater focus on core activities, enable access to the latest technologies, or help to drive down costs.

It is, however, a process that requires very careful handling to ensure that it achieves its objectives,  whether you are the customer or the supplier: outsourcing is often a long term relationship that relates to business critical functions.

The outsourcing agreement must provide a framework that is flexible enough to work in the long term, with appropriate mechanisms for dealing with the changes and challenges that will inevitably arise over the term of the agreement.

Outsourcing agreements also give rise to specific legal issues such as those relating to employee transfer, intellectual property and data protection.

Our specialist team has many years’ experience of advising on a range of outsourcing contracts, including projects in both the public and private sectors, encompassing functions such as IT, warehousing, business process, logistics and fulfilment, catering and printing.

We also have extensive experience of advising on outsourcing projects in regulated sectors such as financial services.

The expertise that we have in commercial contracts, IT, intellectual property, HR and pensions and other areas of our practice are all brought to bear in providing the package of advice needed to deliver successful outsourcing projects.

Our team takes a practical and commercial approach both in planning and implementation and understanding the commercial rationale for the outsourcing, and the model of service delivery that is proposed, so that issues relating to transition of services to the service provider, service levels, service credits, and charging structures, are all dealt with in a robust and effective manner that provides a sound basis for a long term contract.

Whether you are proposing to outsource, or are a service provider, please contact one of the members of our team.

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