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When you need legal advice on personal, sensitive and often complex issues, you need to be sure that you're working side-by-side with someone who understands your unique circumstances and who you can trust implicitly.

Whatever your individual needs, no two situations are the same and our approach is tailored specifically to you.

Our specialist team of dedicated family lawyers is on hand to handle whatever relationship issue you’re facing. We’ll take the time to listen to you, and provide clear advice and guidance with meticulous attention to detail, formidable legal expertise and considered handling, to achieve the right outcome for you.

Wherever possible, our experienced family solicitors champion new approaches to resolving issues without the need for litigation. If court proceedings become the only option, you can be assured that we have the experience required to support you throughout the process.

Whatever your needs, our matrimonial lawyers will always have your best interests at the forefront of our work, and you can be assured we’ll secure the outcome you deserve.

Our team have put their decades of experience together to answer some of the most frequently asked questions they get around divorce and relationship matters. Click the links to find out more. We have also put together this useful divorce glossary to help explain common phrases, words and legal jargon.

Attending court and not sure what the process is? Our divorce solicitors have put together these handy guides for navigating the family court process in Newcastle, Leeds and Manchester

Our services

Marriage breakdowns and separations

We are able to draw on a wealth of family law expertise and specialists from other areas of law to provide seamless advice on all aspects of divorce and separation issues. We also have significant experience in handling disputes involving children. We can advise on:

Matters involving children

We fully understand matters involving children are particularly sensitive and we have significant expertise in dealing with such issues, always putting the child’s welfare at the centre of the work we do.

We can advise on:

  • Child abduction
  • Child Maintenance through the Child Maintenance Service
  • Child Maintenance, housing and other financial provisions for children under Schedule 1 of The Children Act 1989
  • Discrete issues concerning a child’s upbringing such as choice of school and healthcare
  • Domestic and international relocation
  • Living arrangements for children
  • Parental alienation
  • Parental responsibility
  • Surrogacy
Nuptial and cohabitation agreements

We use tact and sensitivity to draw up and advise on sensible documents, which can then be discussed and agreed with the other party and their legal representative:

Unmarried couples

Long-term relationships which do not have any formal legal recognition can result in very difficult and painful consequences in the event of a relationship breakdown. We provide clear, informed advice on:

  • Cohabitation disputes
  • Co-parenting agreements
  • Financial claims for children and child maintenance
  • Injunctions and Occupation Orders
  • Property disputes

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Christine Barker

Partner | Family & Matrimonial, Manchester

+44 (0) 330 137 3226

+44 (0) 783 143 0922

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Liz Bottrill

Partner | Family & Matrimonial

+44 (0) 330 137 3225

+44 (0)784 177 7157

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Andrea Dyer

Partner | Family & Matrimonial, Leeds

+44 (0) 330 137 3216

+44 (0)793 919 1880

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Gemma Iceton

Partner | Family & Matrimonial

+44 (0) 330 137 3217

+44 (0) 793 604 2633

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Rachel Ward

Partner | Family & Matrimonial

+44 (0)330 137 3220

+44 (0)775 331 9768

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David Lister

Partner | Family & Matrimonial

+44 (0) 330 137 3213

+44 (0) 779 100 1347

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What people say

  • I have found Ms Iceton’s team are all very well informed of the case should Ms Iceton be unavailable, should I be in need of help or advice. The team are all very efficient, professional and give relevant advice. They all work together to collate and provide information which helps to keep costs down and are very thorough in their individual roles.

    Legal 500, client quote
  • Excellent Family Law Team, headed up by Jonathan Flower who is a fantastic Solicitor. Jonathan has regularly hosted Legal updates for our local Cafcass team and is very much well thought of and respected Solicitor.

    Legal 500, client quote
  • I would like to recognise, Louise Cannell-Mirza, Nev Zaki, Louise Moorcroft as team members who’s work stands out. Louise and Nev have a level of expertise and deep seated interest in children and family law. Nev has covered cases in Louise absence and her preparation is second to none.

    Legal 500, client quote
  • Ultimately, Ella’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering support made a significant difference in my divorce journey. She empowered me to make informed decisions that were in the best interest of myself and my family

    Client Quote
  • Thanks to Ella's exceptional guidance, I was able to navigate the legal complexities of my divorce with confidence, dignity, and a sense of control. If you find yourself facing the challenging process, I would highly recommend Ella.

    Client Quote
  • I wanted to drop you an email just to say how grateful I am for all the hard work you put into my case. It was very much appreciated. I am pleased that things are finally concluded and the next phase of my life can continue.

    Client Quote
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you David and Christine for all your support over the last 2 years. I wouldn’t have got through it without you both.

    Client Quote
  • Louise Cannell-Mirza is a diligent and capable solicitor who works tirelessly for her clients.

    Legal 500
  • They are all very personable and down to earth, yet professional (as you’d expect) which is refreshing. The team keep me well informed of proceedings. They are attentive to my engagement and go to great lengths to ensure proceedings are on track and that I am fully informed at every step on progress. When decisions need to be made at key junctures, the team ensure that they take the time to explain in detail the possible options and likely outcomes or ramifications as a result. Can’t praise the ladies enough!

    Legal 500, client quote

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