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A divorce, separation, or dissolution of civil partnership is more difficult when children are involved.

Following a separation, parents may live in different homes but are equally responsible for financially providing for their child or children.

Child maintenance is a set payment from the non-resident parent to the other for everyday living costs for the child. The government Child Maintenance System (CMS), arranges and collects maintenance payments. They have a helpful tool to show an estimate of how much you or your previous partner are liable to pay

Sometimes an agreement can be reached between both parties amicably but, in many cases, legal advice and support is required. In this circumstance, choosing the right child maintenance solicitor is vital. Ward Hadaway has vast experience in child maintenance issues including how to organise a child maintenance agreement and support in resolving disputes between parties or conflict.

Our team of child maintenance solicitors can discuss the process with you, drawing on their significant experience in supporting many families with child maintenance issues. Our expert team can assist, for example, with arranging a child maintenance agreement as well as if a dispute arises.

Please contact one of our child maintenance lawyers for a confidential, no obligation chat.

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