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Postnuptial Agreements (otherwise known as a postnup) work in a similar way to Prenuptial Agreements.

The key difference is the timing: a Prenuptial Agreement is put in place before the marriage and a Postnuptial Agreement can be drawn up at any point after the marriage.

Other than when they are agreed, prenups and postnups are very similar in their nature. Much like a Prenuptial Agreement, a Postnuptial Agreement is a legal document outlining how you intend assets to be divided in the event of divorce. Assets such as property, savings, inheritance, trust assets, investments such as stocks and shares, businesses, pensions and income. We understand that thinking about divorcing is not pleasant but a Postnuptial Agreement simply offers some protection to you in case things don’t work out.

When thinking about entering into a Postnuptial Agreement, it is important that you receive specialist advice from Postnuptial Agreement solicitors. Within our family team, we have several Postnuptial Agreement lawyers who are on hand to guide you through protecting your assets following your marriage.

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