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Birdnesting: A Different Approach to Co-parenting

Birdnesting – the alternative co-parenting agreement that is quickly gaining popularity. This co-parenting agreement involves the children of separated parents remaining in one home and each parent rotating in and out of the home each week.

This agreement is mainly centred around the children’s best interests but what are the advantages and disadvantages to this agreement and could a divorce solicitor help.

The Advantages to Birdnesting:

The separation of parents can be a difficult period for any child no matter their age. The added complication of adjusting to a new space can increase stress in an already stressful situation. In a birdnesting agreement children are able to remain in their own bedroom, school and keep the same friendship group. This also removes the travel from one parent’s house to the other and removes the need to pack extra items for the week ahead as their belongings will all be kept in one place.

Many of the children’s routines stay the same in a birdnesting agreement, while it’s their parents’ routine that changes. The biggest change for families that are birdnesting is spending time with one parent at a time, but they still get to maintain their familiar routines and surroundings.

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The Disadvantages to Birdnesting:

A successful birdnesting agreement involves clear communication from both parents. A birdnesting agreement involves sharing a space with your ex-partner and a successful arrangement should clearly state boundaries and expectations for both parties. This includes household chores such as cooking and cleaning. However, if both parties can communicate effectively this arrangement could still work well and provide less disruption for the children.

Another potential disadvantage to a birdnesting agreement is the financial implications. By having one residence for the children both parents must also find a different place to live when it is not their turn to live in the family home. Some individuals may have the option of living with family or friends part-time. However, if this is not an option there will be the additional expense of maintaining a second household, which may not be financially viable for many recently separated parents.

Why Choose a Divorce Solicitor:

Birdnesting is gaining popularity, as separated parents consider alternative agreements for their children. A consistent environment for children of divorced parents can provide important stability in a period of significant change. However, having open lines of communication and the financial means to fund multiple residences may hinder a successful birdnesting agreement. Consulting your divorce solicitor prior to committing to a birdnesting agreement can help to identify any issues and ensure any co-parenting agreement will be carried out with your children’s best interests in mind.

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