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We understand that when planning a wedding, separation is probably the last thing on your mind.

It may seem unromantic to think about what would happen if you later separate but it may be sensible to consider a Prenuptial Agreement. Prenuptial Agreements (otherwise known as a prenup) are often likened to insurance policies. It may be that it is never required to be used but it can protect you in worst case scenarios.

A prenup is a legal document which a couple will enter into before their marriage. When thinking about a Prenup Agreement, it is essential that you receive specialist advice from Prenuptial Agreement Solicitors who can advise you on what a standard prenup looks like and explain what a prenup contains.

A prenup outlines how assets will be divided in the event of a divorce. These assets can include property, savings and investments, businesses, pensions, inheritance, trust assets, pets, belongings such as vehicles and income. It can also include how liabilities such as loans or credit cards should be considered. Prenuptial Agreements are tailored to each individual couple to reflect their unique circumstances.

Prenuptial Agreements are often considered to only be for the rich and famous but they are becoming increasingly popular. Particularly with those that have pre-marital wealth or expecting inheritance in the future. Prenuptial Agreements are often favoured by those who are marrying for a second time or have children from previous relationships. Whilst utilitarian in their nature, Prenuptial Agreements can protect wealth and provide certainty in the event of a divorce.

At Ward Hadaway, we have a team of specialist, highly experienced Prenuptial Agreement solicitors who can help guide you through the process, taking an empathetic and understanding approach to the matters in hand. Our prenup solicitors have experience in managing a diverse range of cases including those with significant wealth or particularly complex circumstances. We can provide the required support and advice needed to create a Prenuptial Agreement that both partners are in content with.

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