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Public sector organisations are affected by all aspects of competition law - the rules on State aid, the rules on public procurement, on dominant positions in a market, on anti-competitive arrangements and as the recent activities of the competition authorities show, on mergers.

Competition law can deliver significant benefits to public organisations through ensuring that they are able to use public resources to deliver their objectives, by facilitating commercialisation of their activities to reduce budgetary constraints, by enabling organisations to co-operate with other public organisations and accrue the benefits of economies of scale and specialisation.

Can I use public money to develop local infrastructure for the benefit of the local economy? Competition law has the answer.

Can I agree with other public bodies that we will only purchase our requirements from one supplier over the next five years? Competition law has the answer.

Can I use the fact that I am the only purchaser of certain services in my area to drive down the price of these services? Competition law has the answer.

Often mistakenly seen as only of concern to private sector organisations, both domestic and European competition law affects the activities of all public organisations.

The pressure to reduce public spending has led to public services being delivered through private organisations and public organisations having to become far more active on markets to achieve their objectives and raise additional revenue.

These developments make competition law of greater importance to public sector organisations.

Our team of specialist competition lawyers assists public sector organisations to use competition law to their advantage, whether they are whether they are offering healthcare services in an increasingly competitive landscape, making broadband services available in privately run bus services or proposing to maintain the provision of quality public services and achieve greater efficiencies through specialisation and co-operation agreements.

Let’s talk about how competition law can help your organisation.

For more information, please get in touch.

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