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For any new business, we understand that your priority is building a sustainable revenue stream. This often means that putting solid legal foundations in place is put onto the back-burner, or corners are cut. However the costs and time involved in trying to rectify a mistake later can be catastrophic for a small business.

At Ward Hadaway, we look to the long term, investing in the next generation of successful businesses today.

That is why we have created the New Business Foundations package, to allow you to build tailored, solid foundations for the future without blood, sweat and tears, and at a low fixed cost.

What’s included?

A business review

We start with a kick-off “business review” with a dedicated member of our team of highly experienced legal advisers. We will explore your business model, plans and ideas, and give our feedback based on our many years of experience working with start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Legal Foundation Documents

We will provide you with the following documents, which will become your key foundation documents:

  • Customised Terms and Conditions of Business for online and offline trading
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Customised Founders Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Standard Employment Contract
  • Disciplinary Policy & Grievance Policy
  • Debt Recovery Letter
  • Intellectual Property Assignment Letter
  • Guide for Start Ups trading in the UK
  • Checklists on key legal issues

All our documents come with guidelines for their use, so you are not left trying to navigate your way around unfamiliar documents on your own.

New Business Foundations Network, Events and Seminars

As part of our New Business Foundations network, you will be invited to attend our wide range of expert seminars and presentations, together with social events to allow you and your team to grow your own network within the business community.

We will actively pursue opportunities on behalf of New Business Foundations’ clients within our extensive business and intermediary network.

Access to Expertise and Mentoring

You will have access to your own expert legal advisor, with experience in your sector – allowing you to build a relationship from day one.

With unrivalled experience in dealing with start-ups across a range of sectors, our expert advisors will be there for you, to help and guide you along your business journey.

We include a quarterly “business review” session for you to get together with your legal adviser to talk about the challenges and opportunities that you are facing.

Is New Business Foundations for me, and how much does it cost?

New Business Foundations is not a ‘one size fits all’ service and isn’t right for all start ups.  Nor is there a set price, though packages are based on giving you cost certainty via a low fixed-cost, fixed-term subscription.  The price will vary depending on your type of business, your plans, and your timescales.  You can however rest assured that there will be no hidden extras and no surprises when it comes to the bill.

Identifying whether your business is right for New Business Foundations, what you will need, and how much that will cost starts with a conversation.  So contact one of our specialist commercial lawyers below to talk about how we can create a package that is right for you, for your business and for your aspirations.

Contact us to find out more.

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Partner | Commercial

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Associate | Commercial

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