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We are here for you

The challenge continues – but it is time to try and look forward.

With the Government setting out its roadmap to ease existing restrictions earlier this week there is a cautious but emerging mood amongst many that it is time to look at how we plan for the future and ensure we are even stronger and more resilient in a post Covid-19 world.

Of course that’s not to say that anyone is in denial about the difficult circumstances that continue to prevail or the potentially painful and challenging path that beckons, but we have certainly started to turn our focus to helping businesses, organisations and individuals find a way to their “new normal” as safely and successfully as they can.

Our fantastic people have adapted incredibly well and are still working from wherever they can be safe, using technology that is resilient, to ensure that we continue to support clients who have a need for our services and expertise.

Although our offices remain essentially closed we are delivering exactly the same full range of services to exactly the same high standards that our clients have become used to over a great many years. As always, our people are ready to give you the advice, guidance and support that you need, when you need it.

We know that there continue to be challenges. We also know that you need to get on with things. That’s why we want you to hear our message, loud and clear – we are here for you.

Preparing for our “new normal”

We want to continue to assure you that we are constantly monitoring the guidance and recommendations issued by the Government and the UK’s chief medical and scientific advisers. This is to ensure that, in so far as we can, we prepare for our “new normal”  while still protecting the health and wellbeing of our people, our clients and anyone that we interact with during our daily business lives.

For the time being we have no definitive timescale for returning to a largely office based working environment although we are working on plans to allow for just that when the situation has eased. As we have proved during the recent weeks there are only a very few reasons we need to access our offices and working from home will remain the norm for most of us.

In particular our offices will not be open for visitors until further notice and meetings will continue to be conducted remotely.

Respecting your plans

As you look to the future too we appreciate that you will also be putting plans in place. Our people will follow and respect your guidance when they are working with you and your teams. Please just communicate clearly and regularly with them.

Keeping you up to date

We will continue to publish updates on our approach to dealing with the Covid-19 crisis on our website where you will also find all of our Covid-19 and “Getting Back to Business” related briefings and commentary.

Martin Hulls, Managing Partner