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Keeping safe for you

I hope all our clients and colleagues have managed to stay safe and well during this unprecedented period.

With the Government’s significant easing of restrictions it is clear that the focus has now very much shifted towards planning and implementing strategies to ensure we are all prepared for the “new normal”.

Of course that’s not to say that anyone is in denial about the difficult circumstances that continue to prevail or the potential re-imposition of regional restrictions but as the country continues to emerge from lockdown the overwhelming majority are looking forward rather than just dealing with the here and now and we are no different.

Our fantastic people have adapted incredibly well to such an unexpected and prolonged period away from the office-based environment that we were all so used to. A great many of them are still working from home keeping themselves safe, using technology that has proved incredibly resilient and delivering the same full range of services to the same high standards as before but in new ways. We have all become accustomed to virtual meetings via Teams/Zoom and several other platforms that have enabled face-to-face communication in ways probably not thought about back in March. We will continue to use those platforms and although we are gradually and safely increasing the extent to which our offices are open we will still be encouraging our people to work from home wherever possible to help keep them safe, reduce the effect on the planet of unnecessary travel, and help keep our clients safe by reducing the volume of physical meetings.

Adapting to our “new normal”

On Monday 20 July, following a lot of thought and preparation, we began the gradual move back to a more office-based way of working. This process has been carefully planned and managed to take into account  a growing desire both from some of our people and some of our clients to use our three offices more widely than we have been able since March. As part of this process we have listened carefully to the thoughts and ideas of our colleagues and our phased return to office working will only happen in a way that safeguards the health and well-being of everyone that works in the Firm and our visitors.

We continue to take the approach that if our people can work effectively from home they should do so. For those that want to use our offices we are currently operating on a maximum 25% occupancy per floor with some detailed and carefully thought through risk management and safety protocols in place. Once we and our people are comfortable with this new way of working, and as long as Government guidelines permit, we will consider increasing occupancy levels as appropriate.

For the time being our offices remain closed to non-essential visitors. Those that do need to come to see us will be issued with guidance (updated 12th August) giving them a clear understanding of the protections and protocols that we have in place to enable them to spend their time in our offices safely. We will continue to review our policy on visitors to our buildings and we look forward to welcoming you back to a safe and secure environment when the time is right.

For the time being the vast majority of our meetings will continue to be conducted remotely.

Respecting your plans

As you look to the future too we appreciate that you will also be putting your own plans in place. Please share those with us so we are aware of your requirements and can comply with them.

Keeping you up to date

We will continue to publish updates on our approach to dealing with the Covid-19 crisis on our website where you will also find all of our Covid-19 and “Getting Back to Business” related briefings and commentary.

Martin Hulls, Managing Partner


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