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Post Office compensation

The Subpostmasters’ court action against the Post Office recently concluded.

Around 550 Subpostmasters, that were part of the court action, are in line for compensation following the ruling that “bugs, errors and defects” in the Post Office’s Horizon IT system caused shortfalls in branch accounts up and down the country.

Many current or former Subpostmasters missed the deadline for joining the recent court action. Many more are not aware that they can also seek compensation for their losses caused by the Horizon accounting system.

Can I claim compensation?

If you are a former or current Subpostmaster who was not part of the recent court action, you could be eligible for compensation if you have suffered financial losses due to errors caused by Horizon (or caused by Post Office’s own staff or associated systems).

You may have also been the subject of disciplinary proceedings by the Post Office as a result of the accounting errors or, in some cases, privately prosecuted by the Post Office.

You may have also had your contract prematurely terminated due to accounting errors or have been imposed with new contract terms that have caused or will cause ongoing financial loss.

You may have also suffered reputational damage or physical or mental illness due to the way that the Post Office have treated you and your problems with Horizon.

Talk to Ward Hadaway

We are one of the UK’s Top 100 law firms. Our highly – experienced team of lawyers will help you get the right level of compensation. Not just the level that the Post Office want you to accept.

If you believe you have suffered losses due to Horizon, please contact us at Ward Hadaway to discuss how we can pursue your claim on a “No Win – No Fee” basis, at no financial risk to you.

Tel: 0330 137 3334

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