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Dread the legal bill at the end of the month?

Not knowing the cost of your legal bills for HR and employment law advice until the end of each month can wreak havoc with your cashflow. We look at how to stabilise your spend, without compromising on your legal provision.

Does this sound familiar?

Bill for January £1,500 plus VAT; bill for February £4,500 plus VAT; then two bills for March, one for £1,500 and another for £6,000 plus VAT. Almost as night follows day, a legal bill follows the end of the month.

With each bill comes a detailed narrative, telling you who has worked on the file, how much time they spent, the hourly rate of each person, and even how much time was spent talking to each other about your file.

Two things you find irritating about the bill. Firstly, when the narrative shows that time concerning someone else’s file has been incorrectly posted on yours. Secondly, the charges for short phone calls or one-line emails.

This is how law firms work, and you know this when you sign your letter of agreement and agree to pay by the hour.

But in the real world, you’re seeking day-to-day employment law and HR advice, and you’re not concerned with who worked on your file, how much time they spent and who they have spoken to.

Your focus is on your customer experience and whether you believe you’re getting value for money from your solicitor. You want a legal team that you can build a relationship with and who sees things from your perspective.

We understand that for SME’s and start-ups, repeatedly receiving monthly legal bills, for indiscriminate amounts, can have a significant impact on your budgeting and cash flow position.

What if you could fix your monthly employment law and HR fee? With HR Protect, you can. 

With HR Protect, you won’t have to dread the legal bill at the end of the month, because for one upfront agreed price, you get all the legal advice you require – one bill, once a month, one fixed price.

We’ve helped more than 150 SME’s and start-ups fix their employment law and HR spend by using HR Protect. With HR Protect, you’re given access to unlimited legal advice, personally assigned employment solicitors, legally compliant online documentation and optional employment tribunal insurance.

If you would like to understand how HR Protect can help you fix your employment law and HR legal spend, please complete the short form. We will be in touch to provide you with an indicative monthly cost.

Please note that this briefing is designed to be informative, not advisory and represents our understanding of English law and practice as at the date indicated. We would always recommend that you should seek specific guidance on any particular legal issue.

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