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Ward Hadaway joins the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance to minimise environmental impact of trainee recruitment

With its window for new trainee applications for 2024 and vacation schemes 2022 opening once again on November 1st, Ward Hadaway is proud to announce that it has recently joined the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance.

The Alliance was set up to encourage organisations to take a more eco-friendly approach to early talent recruitment.  With over half a million graduate vacancies and apprenticeships annually, the impact across the industry promises to be significant.

As an early signatory of the pledge and one of a handful of law firms, Ward Hadaway has committed to review, reduce and report on its trainee and apprentice recruitment processes and as a result identify more sustainable alternatives.

Matthew Cormack, Training Principal at Ward Hadaway, said “Like everyone else, we have for many years handed out post-it notes, highlighter pens, stress balls and chargers at careers fairs. Our teams have travelled the country to attract the best talent to our firm.  Whilst our aspirations remain the same, the way we do it is changing.

“As part of our pledge to the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance, we commit to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint by not producing any ‘freebies’, and to cut our travel by taking advantage of the move to digital alternatives by many of the universities.

“By doing so, we are leading by example in our sector, adding our voice to an impressive list of signatories including Clifford Chance, Aviva, Vodafone and Co-op who are encouraging businesses to reduce the environmental impact of their early talent recruitment.

“This is just one of many environmental initiatives, including a commitment to move to a paperless office, that Ward Hadaway is undertaking. The next generation of lawyers strongly influence our responsible business strategy, so it is essential that our early talent recruitment efforts are conducted in the most environmentally friendly fashion possible.”

For more about the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance, click here. To read more about Ward Hadaway’s other environmental initiatives, click here.  To find out about a training contract at Ward Hadaway, click here.

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