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Keeping working safely with you

I hope all our clients and colleagues have managed to stay safe and well during this unprecedented period.

With the Government’s announcement at the weekend and the “new” lockdown effective, subject to Parliamentary approval, from 00.01 on Thursday 5 November it has become even clearer that both plotting and then navigating a route to recovery is going to be increasingly challenging for the foreseeable future. As we all get to grips with the newly proposed restrictions which are designed to try and stem the spread of the pandemic, supporting our regions, our clients and our people has never been more important.

We are continuing to focus on how we keep our people and our clients safe, protecting their health and wellbeing whilst providing the service that our clients need and deserve. The measures that we adopted back in March have been regularly reviewed and adapted – they have served us and our clients extremely well and they will continue to do so.

That’s why we want you to hear our message loud and clear – we are here for you whatever the pandemic throws at us.

Our fantastic people have adapted incredibly well to such an unexpected and prolonged period away from the office-based environment that we were all so used to. Most of them are working from home, unless it is not possible to do so, keeping themselves safe as they have from the beginning, using technology that has proved incredibly resilient and delivering the same full range of services to the same high standards as before but in new and better ways.

We have all become accustomed to virtual meetings via Teams/Zoom and several other platforms that have enabled face-to-face communication in ways probably not thought about back in March. This has proved highly effective and efficient.

Continually adapting to the changing landscape

Our offices are still open, all be it in a very restricted and closely monitored way. We had been gradually and safely increasing the extent to which they were being used but we put that strategy on hold last month and with the most recent Government announcement we are now ensuring that all of our people work from home to the extent that they can do so effectively. Our message has always been to work from home if you can and so this subtle change of emphasis will change very little – we still believe that, despite all the steps we have taken to make our offices “Covid safe”, home should be the safest place – it is where you are in control of whom you come in contact with.

Visitors can come to our offices but only when really necessary and only by prior appointment. Those that do need to come to see us will be issued with guidance giving them a clear understanding of the protections and protocols that we have in place to enable them to spend their time in our offices safely.

The vast majority of our meetings are and will continue to be conducted remotely.

Respecting your plans

We appreciate that you will also have your own plans and requirements in respect of Covid protocols. Please share those with us so we are aware of your requirements and can comply with them.

Martin Hulls, Managing Partner


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