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Key ingredients for growth? Passion, positivity and pragmatism

Richard Sumner, Managing Director at RS Security Consultants, established the independent security consultancy in March 2020 with over 30 years of expertise and experience in the field.

RS Security Consultants works with national companies in the planning, design and testing of large-scale security systems to ensure physical security and crime prevention.

“Before setting up on my own, when I worked for a company, I applied the same amount of commitment and can-do attitude to getting the job done every single time, no matter what the job entailed,” says Richard. “I absolutely love what I do, and I wanted every customer to not just see that but believe it too.”

It was this ethos and drive to deliver consistently exemplary customer service that led to Richard starting his own business. He’s worked in the industry for over three decades and is highly regarded for his proactive and pragmatic approach to solving the physical security challenges faced by all kinds of businesses and organisations.

“I really struggled to think of a name for the business,” explains Richard. “I spoke to someone who I worked with for years and he said the business name should carry my personal name because prospective clients will instantly identify with the business and know what it stands for. Because I’m completely transparent about the way I work, he said, and the kind of consultancy I strive to provide, there’s no reason why my name shouldn’t be closely associated with the name of the company. He was right.”

Richard’s enthusiasm for his job alongside his specialist skills and meticulous attention to detail is clearly showing its worth. Despite not yet being two years old, RS Security Consultants has grown by 80%, has several prestigious industry awards under its belt including the OSPA Outstanding Security Consultant of the Year 2021 and regards a number of blue-chip companies as clients.

Richard continues: “We are so passionate about what we do – we genuinely work in the customer’s best interests. As our team continues to grow, every individual we hire will have the same mindset. Every client brief or challenge excites us and motivates us to get the best possible outcome for them. There’s nothing better than completing a job and learning that it not just met expectations but exceeded them.”

RS Security Consultants currently employs four people, with recruitment on the way for a fifth, and has a number of high-profile national clients on its books. The consultancy is aiming for 20% growth year-on-year, a phenomenal achievement for a business not only so young but one that started just before the first Covid-19 national lockdown.

Emma Digby, a Partner at Ward Hadaway’s Leeds office, said: “Richard is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. And with that honesty and transparency comes a strong business acumen and an unrivalled passion to do the best job he can. RS Security Consultants is living proof that you don’t need to be an established business that’s been around for decades, you just need to be true to your word in delivering a first-class service and demonstrate exactly what makes a business thrive – expertise, excitement and empathy.”

From picking up an award at the House of Lords that recognises the positive difference independent security consultants are making to big name clients including Peel & Property with Media City, InCommunities and Shephard Engineering Services, RS Security Consultant holds its own in a highly competitive industry. Its focus on delivering a bespoke service to ensure clients choose the right security solutions for their business has led to a rapidly growing customer base and a strong reputation for being a quality and reliable provider.

Richard adds: “It’s about going above and beyond for a client and delivering a service that’s more than expected. Trust, transparency and tenacity are vital. With each client brief, we live and breathe these qualities and fully immerse ourselves in the project. We become an extension of the client and want to ensure they choose the best security solution they possibly can, that meets their needs. If you want to be successful in business, you have to go that extra mile, you must have a razor-sharp focus on what matters. It’s not about how much money you can make, that attitude won’t get you very far. It’s about integrity, loyalty and doing the very best you can for clients who are putting their absolute faith in you to provide what they need.”

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