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Michelle is an Associate in the Commercial team, specialising in advice to the public sector.

She advises clients on a range of matters including:

  • Academy transfers and conversions.
  • All forms of contract
  • Terms and conditions for public sector organisations.
  • Public procurement rules and procedures, advising from start to finish of the procurement process.
  • Charity issues, such as governance and filing requirements.
  • Governing documents, and making changes to such documents.

Michelle advises a variety of clients including Academy Trusts, Charities and public sector organisations such as local authorities, housing groups, NHS Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups.  She has experience in dealing with the nuances of public transport as a result of being seconded Tyne and Wear Passenger Travel Executive, trading as Nexus.


Michelle is experienced in advising public sector organisations on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Public procurement rules and procedures, advising from start to finish of the procurement process including drafting the OJEU notice and supporting documentation. Michelle understands how to ensure the procurement rules are adhered to, and advises on how to minimise the risk of procurement challenges.
  • Reviewing public sector contracts, advising on amendments and terminations.
  • Drafting Framework agreements.
  • Drafting terms and conditions.
  • Advising and drafting internal procurement procedures for organisations.
  • Advising investment programs supported by the European Regional Development Fund.
  • Advising public sector organisations, including local authority owned transport bodies, on new commercial projects and the relevant contracts.

Michelle advises schools and Academies on a range of matters, including:

  • Drafting and negotiating the relevant transfer documents in relation to conversions and transfers.
  • Advising single- academy trusts on conversion to Multi- Academy Trust status, including drafting the relevant documents required to put this into effect.
  • Advising Multi- Academy Trusts on the addition of new schools.
  • Advising individual schools converting to Academy status.
  • Advising Trusts that wish to dissolve and transfer all of their schools.
  • Advising head teachers on dealing with difficult parents and families, including issues such as banning parents from school, harassment and defamation.
  • Advising on school admission queries and the when admission authorities need to consult.
  • Advising schools on their contracts, such as catering and cleaning, how to terminate existing contracts and drafting contracts with new providers.

Michelle has particular experience in managing conversion and the transfer of academies, and often completes a number of these each month, understanding the Department of Education deadlines and requirements.