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Policies and procedures: reinventing the wheel

Take the hard work out of drafting your HR policies with the help of experienced legal experts, but without the unpredictable bills.

Most SME’s and start-ups will have minimal or no dedicated HR resource. As well doing your day job, you also have to find the time to draft new policies, procedures, contracts and template letters.

Those of you who have been involved with this will know that it can be a time consuming and lengthy process. Once you’ve done your part, many of you will send it to an employment solicitor for review to ensure the documents are legally compliant.

To me this is crazy. You do all the hard work and then pay a solicitor to review your work, amend, or worse still completely rewrite the documents.

What if you could switch this round and the solicitor did the hard work for you to review?

Sounds like a no-brainer, but many of you will not have the luxury of a legal budget to instruct a solicitor to draft policies, procedures and letters from scratch.

What’s the smart way for SME’s and start-ups to have in place legally compliant policies and procedures? HR Protect.

With HR Protect, you don’t need a separate legal budget to instruct a solicitor to draft policies and procedures, because the cost is rolled up in one upfront agreed price, split over 12 equal monthly instalments.

All the hard work has been done for you, with access to our on-line and downloadable document site, providing you with over 250 legally compliant policies, procedures and letters. What’s more, as part of the package, your documents are reviewed annually so that they remain up to date and legally compliant.

We’ve helped more than 150 SME’s and start-ups fix their employment law and HR spend by using HR Protect. With HR Protect, you’re given access to unlimited legal advice, personally assigned employment solicitors, legally compliant online documentation and optional employment tribunal insurance.

If you would like to understand how HR Protect can help you fix your employment law and HR legal spend, please complete the short form. We will be in touch to provide you with an indicative monthly cost.

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