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Local Authority round-up 19/01/24

Our Local Authority round up provides brief summaries of topical information on a weekly basis, to keep you aware of the changes and updates relevant to you.


The Government takes action to secure the supply chain of critical goods

The Department for Business and Trade launches the Critical Imports and Supply Chains Strategy, which seeks to safeguard UK supplies of critical goods such as medicines and minerals.

In response to increased geopolitical disruption, such as the recent attacks in the Red Sea, and the unprecedented challenges of recent years, like the Covid pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the UK Government and businesses have boosted their ability to manage supply chain shocks. This strategy hopes to builds on this ability by further equipping UK businesses to deal with global supply chain problems and access the imports they need which are essential to the functioning of the UK.

As part of the strategy, the Government will set up a new online portal to allow businesses to quickly report disruption affecting their critical imports. The Government will then work to remove these barriers wherever possible, saving businesses time and money.

The Government has also promised to pursue further trade deals to help UK importers access the critical goods they need efficiently and affordably. This provides certainty for traders, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and reduce delays at the border, helping drive growth and streamlining costs.

The Government will also attract international investment to projects like lithium mining in Cornwall to make the UK more self-sufficient in critical goods used in industries such electric vehicle production.

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Planning and housing

Government to invest £17 million to help the homeless

The Government is set to invest £17 million to help rough sleepers into long term settled accommodation.

This investment has been awarded to local authorities across England so they can provide more sleeping spaces for the homeless, particularly during the winter period. The winter season is high-risk for individuals who are homeless, increasing the demand for immediate ‘off the street’ accommodation. Therefore, the funding package includes £4 million which is to be available to local authorities facing the greatest pressures in rough sleeping in England.

This brings the total funding for the Rough Sleeping Initiative to over £547 million and forms part of a wider package of support backed by over £2 billion of Government funding over 3 years.

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Upcoming events

Seminar: Employment Law Update – Teesside

Register your interest for our seminar, led by Jamie Gamble and Hollie Ball, which will provide an employment law update, addressing what can be expected in 2024. This in person event will give you an opportunity to network with peers in Teesside as well as gain a better understanding of the latest developments and updates in employment law. The seminar is on Tuesday 30th January, 08:30am to 10:30am, at AV Dawson Middlesbrough.

For more information or to book your place, please click here.

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