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Brexit clause

Here is an example of the type which has been used in commercial contracts:

“Brexit” means that during the Term of this Agreement pursuant to Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon the UK leaves the European Union.

“In the event of Brexit, if either Party considers that the consequences of Brexit materially increase the costs of it performing its obligations under this Agreement and/or reduces its income under this Agreement and/or otherwise adversely affects the benefit it derives from this Agreement, such Party may give notice to the other of the same, and shall promptly supply such details and evidence of such consequences as may reasonably be required by the other Party). Within fourteen (14) days of the other Party receiving such notice, the Parties shall discuss in good faith and agree whether any amendments are required to this Agreement as a result of Brexit, such that the provisions of this Agreement maintain the same overall balance of obligations, benefits, liabilities and risk between the Parties as applied at the date of this Agreement. The Parties agree that the imposition of tariffs and other trade barriers relating to the subject matter of this Agreement and not in existence at the date of the Agreement shall be considered a change in the overall balance.”

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