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This mediation service is available if your dispute:

  • Is for money only and valued between £15k to £100k
  • Involves no more than two parties
  • Does not relate to employment, personal injury, clinical negligence or defamation
  • £15k to 50k – £450 per party – 4 hours mediation
  • £50k to 100k – £700 per party – 8 hour mediation
  • VAT is charged in addition, plus travel expenses if necessary

Note: If settlement is not possible then the parties may invite the mediator to continue with their efforts to facilitate a settlement. In that situation an additional hourly charge will need to be agreed, typically being £100 or £110 per hour depending on the relevant value band.


The Parties need to:

  • Agree a date and venue (Ward Hadaway’s offices can be used, subject to availability)
  • Choose and book a mediator
  • Advise who will be attending the mediation
  • Pay their share of the mediation fee in advance
  • Agree to enter into the process below in good faith and in accordance with the mediation agreement (see link to mediation agreement)
  • Sign the mediation agreement

This is set out in more detail in the mediation agreement and the mediation users guide. In summary:

  • Each party will prepare a short (3 pages max) summary of the dispute, sums claimed, any offers exchanged, plus legal spend to date and estimated going forward. This should be provided to the mediator and exchanged with the other party in good time for the mediation, preferably between 3 – 7 days in advance
  • The parties will seek to agree a joint bundle of relevant papers of no more than 100 pages
  • The Mediator reading the papers and speaking with each party before the mediation
  • All communication relating to, and at, the mediation will be confidential and without prejudice
  • The mediator having consulted with them, each party complying with reasonable requests by the mediator regarding the conduct of the mediation
  • Each party attending in good faith to settle the dispute and having full authority to enter into a binding settlement agreement
  • No settlement being binding unless recorded in writing and signed by both parties

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