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Sue joined Ward Hadaway in September 2014 as the Insolvency and Corporate Recovery team's Creditor Services Manager.

Sue has over eight years’ experience in the Corporate Recovery and Insolvency market.


Sue was previously employed by one of the `Big Four’ accountants in the insolvency team and has extensive experience in attending creditors meetings on behalf of creditors to maximise their returns.

She has developed specialist skills in the creditor services area and is always happy to assist creditors and other insolvency professionals.

Sue has very close relationships with solicitors and other professionals as well as working for various creditor clients and businesses owed money by insolvent companies and individuals in order to ensure that all insolvency paperwork is prepared and filed correctly and on time with a view to ensuring that clients receive as much back as possible from an insolvent estate.

Sue and her team offer a free proxy service that allows creditors to outsource all of their proxy forms/proofs of debt which are managed electronically at Ward Hadaway and filed ahead of any upcoming meeting of creditors.

She is well known around the country by professionals and Insolvency Practitioners generally.

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    With restrictions now eased we are perhaps beginning to see the cost and effect of the pandemic on businesses starting to emerge, with the total number of corporate insolvencies now back at levels similar to those we saw pre-pandemic.