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Video: Maximising culture, minimising conflict and managing grievances

Watch a recording of the second in our series of free webinars for charities and the third sector which was held on 30th June.

The webinar focuses on maximising culture, minimising conflict and managing grievances.

Charities attract employees who are passionate about their purpose and cause, which has huge benefits, but equally this passion can lead to frustration when an employee feels aggrieved about the way they have been treated at work. Grievances can be hard to deal with for charities, who may have limited HR resource, as resolution relies on the involvement of trustees, who have other commitments and may not have the training to deal with grievances. This webinar looks at practical steps to avoid grievances in the work culture you create and the steps to take when grievances are raised and need to be dealt with.

We are joined by Dr Chris Barclay, Founder & Director of Evolve8 Coaching, speaking about how charities can best manage obligations towards clients, funders, trustees, staff and volunteers to deliver people and business success. Chris reviews how to maximise culture and minimise grievances by understanding what matters to employees (human motivators) and how to lower tension and deliver better outcomes when difficult conversations are needed. Charities who focus on maximising culture and helping all employees to perform at their best will lower the challenge and demands of grievances.

Hollie Ball, a specialist employment and charities lawyer at Ward Hadaway, provides practical tips on dealing with employees when relations do break down starting from informal grievances through to conducting a formal grievance process and appeals. Hollie talks about best practice, common pitfalls to avoid and top tips for success.

Watch here

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