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E-scooter Accident Claims

Specialist e-scooter accident claim solicitors

E-scooters have become a popular form of transport and are a common sight on our streets today.

As e-scooter use rises so too does the risk of e-scooter related accidents which is why we’ve seen an increase in electronic scooter injury claims. E-scooter law is a complex new area and it’s difficult to understand the legal implications of an e-scooter related accident unless you’re a legal expert.

At Ward Hadaway, we have experience in managing and advising on electronic scooter injury claims. Our team of specialist personal injury solicitors can help if you are injured whilst riding an e-scooter or involved in a collision.

We understand that any accident can be physically and emotionally upsetting. That is why you can feel reassured that we handle e-scooter accident claims with empathy and compassion. We take a personal but professional approach and can advise you on the best route of action to take and how.

When it comes to making a legal claim when an accident has occurred and you have been injured as a result, you can rely on us to help. As a trusted legal adviser, we have your best interests at heart and are a team that care about your unique situation. Accidents can be serious and life changing and we are motivated to secure the best result for you.

If you need to make an E-scooter injury claim, please get in touch with one of our specialist e-scooter accident claim solicitors for a confidential, non-obligation chat.

Frequently asked questions

Are electric scooters legal in the UK?

Electric scooters are legal to own and sell in the UK and can be used on private land.  However, there are a number of restrictions when it comes to riding electric scooters on public land.

Can you ride electric scooters on the road?

It is currently illegal to use privately owned e-scooters on roads or pavements and in cycle-lanes or pedestrian-only areas in the UK.

The UK government are currently running a number of e-scooter rental trials across the country, with these schemes allowing riders to use electric scooters on the roads/cycle lanes as you can with electric bikes.

It is expected that UK legislation regarding the use of e-scooters on roads/cycle lanes is likely to change following the success of the ongoing e-scooter trials in major cities, however there is no indication as to when the new legislation will come into force.

Do you need a licence for an electric scooter?

If you are using a privately owned electric scooter on private land, then a driving licence is not required. However, if you are using a rental electric scooter on the roads/cycle lanes, then a driving licence is required, and you must be over 16 years old to use one.

A rental e-scooter will be insured provided the rider has given the correct ID when hiring the scooter.

Who is Responsible for an E-Scooter Accident?

If an e-scooter has been ridden irresponsibly in a public space, for example, the rider was going over the maximum speed limit of 15.5mph, then the rider is likely responsible in the event of an accident.

Liability is dependent on the individual circumstances of the accident, and you should seek legal advice if you have been involved in a collision either when driving a vehicle or as a pedestrian.

Can I Claim Compensation For An Electric Scooter Accident?

Our specialist e-scooter accident claim solicitors have already helped individuals claim compensation following e-scooter accidents and can advise you on whether you could be entitled to compensation as a result of an electric scooter accident.

I have been in an electric scooter accident, what should I do?

If you have been involved in an electric scooter accident and are unsure of what to do next, then we would recommend seeking legal advice to ensure you take necessary action. Get in touch with our experienced team today to discuss your e-scooter claims.

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