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Positive Footprints – creating social value in primary schools

We really enjoy working with Ward Hadaway. They share our vision and completely understand the importance of investing in the future. The company is keen to get involved in activities and we knew from the start it wasn’t just a ‘box ticking’ project for them

Lesley Burrows, Managing Director, Positive Footprints


Positive Footprints inspires children and young people today for a better tomorrow. The charity’s award-winning programmes are delivered in schools to raise aspirations, open up the world of work and equip pupils with the skills they need for the future. Working alongside socially conscious partner organisations, such as Ward Hadaway, the Positive Footprints Network creates opportunities for the next generation of leaders, problem solvers and change-makers

Our role

Partnering with Places for People, together we have been working with Positive Footprints since 2022 and have developed a partnership that ensures children and young people in low-income communities have access to the right opportunities to reach their potential.

We have helped to enable this by donating funds to the charity’s Raising Aspirations programme that will be delivered in primary schools over the next four years, creating social value.

The Impact

Through our support, we have helped Positive Footprints to engage one primary school in the partnership and 60 children have taken part in the Raising Aspirations Programme. 12 Hours of career-related learning has been delivered by teachers and eight Parents and carers signed up to take part in education and skills courses. Overall, £10,656 in social value was created (£5.35 for every £1 of funding).

To find out more about the brilliant work that Positive Footprints do – click here

Work with us

We’re passionate about supporting social value causes in our local communities and keen to support those projects that are designed to help disadvantaged members of society. If you’re working with a local community organisation, school, hospital or similar entity, please get in touch to discuss how we can support your aims.