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Insights: Countryside and estates

Local Authority round-up: 03/05/24

Our Local Authority round up provides brief summaries of topical information on a weekly basis, to keep you aware of the changes and updates relevant to you.

Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill

As we all know, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, a vast number of businesses encountered various enforced closures of their premises as a result of government imposed restrictions.

Social Housing Speed Read – Extra charges

In August 2019, we reported on the case of Curo Places Limited v Anthony Pimlett – We report further on this case here following its escalation to the Court of Appeal.

Planning law update – December 2020

Welcome to Ward Hadaway's planning law update. The aim of our bite-sized bulletins is to keep you abreast of the 'hot' topics and key legal issues relevant to you.

Social Housing Speed Read – Allocation policies

In this speed read, we consider a recent report published by the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman (the "Ombudsman") regarding a complaint about the allocation policy of East Lindsey District Council (the "Council").

Social Housing Speed Read: The Social Housing White Paper

Last week saw the publishing of the long-awaited Social Housing White Paper. Three years after it was first announced by ex-Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, the paper sets out the Government's new Charter for social housing residents and details new policy measures. It serves to make clear "the standards that every social tenant in England is entitled to expect from their landlords", with a particular focus on the learnings from the Grenfell Tower tragedy and the changes that will be made as a result. We provide a summary below.