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Insights: Private Individuals

The Ultimate guide to postnuptial agreements

Postnuptial agreements, commonly known as ‘post-nups’, have the same role as a Prenuptial agreement. The difference is a 'post-nup' is entered into after marriage or civil partnership instead of before in a 'pre-nup'.

Divorce & Immigration – Does Divorce Affect Your Right to Remain in the UK?

From new financial responsibilities to moving out the family home, there are a number of significant life changes that can occur as a result of your divorce. In some cases, getting a divorce could even impact on your ability to remain in the UK. If you are getting divorced and you are unsure about how your immigration status could be impacted, we would recommend seeking advice from a specialist.

Court allows for claim to be brought after the applicant is out of time.

In a recent case before the High Court, the Applicant, Ms Julie Colbourne, has been granted permission to bring a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 (the Inheritance Act), despite being out of time due to an error made by her solicitors.