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How much will a divorce cost me?

How much a divorce costs very much depends on how your spouse responds to the divorce proceedings. There is a set Court fee of £593 which you will have to pay if you issue the Application and any Solicitor fees will be in addition to that. Some people may be eligible for a fee exemption. Solicitor fees are usually between £500 to £1,000 if matters are straightforward, however, if your spouse decides not to respond to the divorce or there is an issue regarding jurisdiction (i.e. whether you should be divorced in England or Wales) the costs can significantly increase. Your costs are also typically higher if you are the Applicant rather than the Respondent.

At Ward Hadaway, we now offer 2 fixed fee options as follows:

  1. If you are starting the divorce process, our fixed fees are £500 + VAT (£600 in total) and the court fee of £593.
  2. If you are the respondent, our fixed fees are £250 + VAT (£300 in total). There are no court fees when you are the respondent.

You can contact one of our experienced divorce lawyers to discuss the fixed fee further and to find out what is and is not included within the overall cost by emailing or utilising any of the contact details listed below.

In some cases, it is a good idea to approach your spouse before issuing a divorce application  so that you can agree on the best way to proceed and you could even try and reach an agreement as to how the costs of the divorce could be shared. These negotiations can take place through a Solicitor.

Please also be aware that these costs are in relation to the divorce process only. If you also need advice on your finances or any child care arrangements, there will potentially be additional Court, expert and Solicitor fees for this. We ensure all clients are provided with an estimate of all costs at the outset.