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Welcome to Renewables and Low Carbon Generation

The need to satisfy the "trilemma" of providing low cost, secure, power generation from low carbon sources continues to drive growth across the renewables sector.

Usually significant capital investments; developers, funders and suppliers to these projects require commercial support from expert lawyers with a deep understanding of both project finance requirements, but also with genuine experience of the sector.

Our team has experience of a range of renewable technologies, advising funders, developers, technology suppliers and construction contractors, as well as asset operators and various businesses in the renewables supply chain.

We support projects at all stages of their development, whether looking at early stage site assembly, planning consents, plant construction and operation, fuel acquisition, sale of renewable energy outputs, as well as advising clients in relation to structuring and funding matters.

We advise on schemes of varying sizes from smaller feed in tariff (FiT) and micro generation schemes to larger RO and Contracts for Difference (CfD) projects.

In addition to development projects, we provide advice in connection with the acquisition, sale and refinance of operational assets, including scheme diligence and cross-border transactions.

Our team provides clients with expert practical advice regarding:

  • Project construction and operating documentation, including EPC, TSA, BOP, and HV infrastructure matters;
  • Plant O&M and maintenance arrangements;
  • Feedstock contracts and offtake arrangements;
  • Grid connections, transfers and easement arrangements;
  • Planning permissions, plant consents and EIA;
  • Regulated energy matters, including FiT, RO, CfD, LEC’s and REGO’s;
  • PPA’s, sleeving agreements and heat supply matters;
  • Clean Technology developments, including IP protection, licensing and commercialization;
  • Project diligence and legal risk analysis;
  • Acquisition and sale of operational and consented projects;
  • Site diligence and acquisition;
  • Project funding (including debt and equity structures)

For more information on how we can help, please get in touch.

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