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Legal expenses insurance takes the risk out of managing employees. The insurance covers the legal expense of managing a Tribunal claim and also any award or settlement incurred.

We provide legal expenses insurance which is underwritten by Arag plc to cover the risk of Employment Tribunal litigation. This covers the legal costs of a claim as well as any Award of the Tribunal or financial settlement.

Our insurance packages are flexible and provide different levels of cover from £50,000 to £250,000 with a range of incorporated excess payments to ensure that the key areas of risk are properly managed.

It is important to note that not all legal expense insurers are the same. There are two very important points to note:

A large number of service providers in this area of work insure themselves which creates a very significant incentive and conflict of interests. This often results in the service provider seeking to ensure that the service is managed in such a manner so that the insurance does not ultimately provide the necessary comfort and cover. Our insurance is underwritten by an entirely separate organisation.

Most legal expense policies provide that cover will in some way be dependant upon an assessment by the insurers as to the prospects of success of any potential claim.  This wording in the policy simply enables the underwriter to avoid claims. The policy we provide has one condition: you take our advice. Provided that you take advice, if you are then subject to an Employment Tribunal claim then we guarantee that cover will be provided.

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