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The increasing popularity and reach of social media has multiplied the potential for individuals' reputations to be damaged by defamatory remarks.

And with the mainstream media picking up on such incidents, damaging statements or comments can spread very quickly.

We can provide urgent advice and act speedily to help clients in such situations.

In many cases, an exchange of correspondence leads to a full apology. In others, damages are claimed and recovered. In either case, resolute but carefully considered early action is usually crucial.

The best advice is sometimes not to pursue even a valid claim if the risk of further publicity is likely to be more damaging than the original defamatory remarks.

We also have experience of acting for defendants in cases that are sensitive from a public relations or political perspective.

Our experience includes:

  • Acting for a client whose reputation had been impugned in a public meeting. Our involvement led to a retraction and apology being circulated
  • Acting for various commercial clients where damaging comments, remarks or publications have wrongly been made about their businesses or products
  • Defending the author of election campaign documents from claims and achieving a pragmatic settlement
  • Reaching settlement and obtaining compensation for a client who had incorrectly been identified in a newspaper article that was damaging to reputation

For further information on any of our services please get in touch.

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