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Celebrating 30 years together

Throughout our 30 years we have prided ourselves on delivering exceptional service to our clients by investing in the best team of people possible.

This clear, relentless focus has helped us to build a thriving Northern business and to forge strong roots across the region.


The name of Ward Hadaway was created as a result of a merger between Septimus G Ward and Rose and the Newcastle office of Hadaway and Hadaway. A smaller Firm, Swinburn G. Wilson was also integrated at approximately the same time. Our offices were located on Hood Street in Newcastle City Centre.

Graphic for 1988


A further merger between Ward Hadaway and Wheldon Houlsby and Scott occurred on 1 May 1996 to make Ward Hadaway the broad based practice it is today.

Graphic for 1996


The Newcastle office relocated to Sandgate House on the prestigious Quayside development. We were the first law firm there.

Graphic for 1997


1988 - 2018

No one can be sure in business what the next 30 years will bring but we can promise you one thing - we will continue to adapt to ensure our service constantly impresses, to give our clients what they want and deserve.

To achieve this we will retain and build on the outstanding people that make Ward Hadaway the vibrant law firm it is today.

Here's to the next 30 years.

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07 Jul 2020

Keeping safe for you

I hope all our clients and colleagues have managed to stay safe and well during this unprecedented period.