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Our message to you in 2021

We had all hoped for a more positive start to 2021 than the increased restrictions which we are living under, but we can I think look forward with some optimism to an improvement over the course of the year with the roll out of the vaccines.

We wanted to share with you our approach which we have maintained throughout this period and that we will continue to adopt: investing in our people, in our infrastructure, and in our added value. Because by doing this, we are able to continually improve our service for our clients.

Our people

Throughout last year, we continued to recruit specialists to add to our legal strength and depth across all three offices. This year we continue to seek out quality legal talent, attracting some of the brightest and best to join us. This helps to make us even better able to support you whatever your legal needs.

Our infrastructure

We are very proud of how, in March 2020, our disaster recovery plans kicked into action, and our teams immediately adapted, to provide continuity of service to all our clients and markets. Learning from the real life disaster, we are implementing new technologies to improve still further our resilience and ensure we are able to continue to provide our services no matter what.

Our added value

Last year as the enormity of the pandemic became apparent, we looked to what we as a law firm could do best – provide businesses with clarity in the face of confusion. We built a dedicated website to house the answers to over 550 FAQs that we delivered across the year, as initiative upon initiative brought numerous new layers of regulation and guidance. We delivered over 65 webinars, and sent nearly a million emails to keep our clients and contacts up to date.

In addition, under an Inspiring Growth banner, we spent the last six months shining a spotlight in press and social media on successful and innovative businesses across the North, sharing and encouraging an optimistic and creative spirit with the business community.

We intend to keep these proactive and positive approaches to supporting businesses active throughout 2021.

Thank you

We are enormously grateful for the loyalty of our clients, for the support of our fellow professional community, and for the tenacity of our people. And of course we all remain indebted to the UK’s key workers, who have done and are doing such a fantastic job.

By working hard, focusing on our clients and our people, and investing, we aim to chart a safe passage through to better times. We wish you all the best for 2021. Keep safe.

Martin Hulls, Managing Partner