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The effects of environmental legislation are no longer just restricted to heavy industrial sectors but are felt across the wider business community.

We have a broad experience of environmental and waste management issues, including the acquisition and development of opencast, quarry, landfill and similar operations such as energy from waste and effluent treatment works.

Our Environment team also has a large and growing public sector portfolio, advising a series of local authorities on waste management obligations including helping to set up procurement schemes involving major private sector providers.

Current clients range from large mining and industrial groups to water companies and waste businesses, demonstrating the range of issues tackled by the team.

We are specialists in "environmental litigation" and have particular expertise in defence of "environmental crime".

How we can help you
Our team offers a range of services including representation and advice re:

  • Enforcement action by Environment Agency, local authorities, utility companies, Natural England and other enforcement bodies
  • Water pollution and trade effluent prosecutions
  • Environmental permitting – applications for permits, variations and surrender, exemptions and enforcement
  • Nuisance – advising organisations on issues relating particularly to noise, vibration and odour nuisance
  • Waste – issues relating to the definition of waste, transportation and disposal
  • Producer responsibility – packaging waste, WEEE and batteries
  • Applications for licences and permits
  • Carbon reduction, energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Wildlife and habitat issues

How we have helped others

  • Advised a large food manufacturer purchasing target company which did not have an Environmental Permit. In addition to negotiating appropriate sale conditions, we ensured the application process was initiated with no enforcement action by the Environment Agency
  • Representing a dye house in a multi-offence prosecution by a water company. Conducting a successful appeal against sentence in the Crown Court and successfully opposing application by the prosecutor for costs
  • Advising an industrial manufacturer concerning the definition of 'waste' and whether one of the by-products from its processes could be sold as a fuel
  • Advising on construction projects which could disturb protected habitats and species. Advising e.g. farmers on licences required to control pests
  • Advising a large retailer regarding a complaint from nearby resident concerning allegations of noise nuisance caused by delivery operations. Disposing of the matter on the basis that (a) best practicable means were being utilised to address noise from deliveries and (b) noise from vehicle movements was outside the client's control
  • Advising a financial institution on management of asbestos in properties following a large scale acquisition. Representing the institution in a prosecution for breaches of the Control of Asbestos Regulations. Low level fine received and successfully opposed prosecution application for costs.

For further information on any of our services please contact Stephen Graham on 0191 204 4374 or email