Shaping development on Teesside | 22 July 11

Developers and land owners are being given a chance to help to shape the future of development on Teesside.

Stockton Borough Council is looking to earmark potential sites across the borough for new houses to be built.

The authority has found that it needs to identify land where around 2,800 additional new homes could be built over the next 15 years as part of its blueprint for the borough.

Planning experts at law firm Ward Hadaway say the move presents an opportunity for land owners and developers to put forward their sites for consideration for housing land.

The extra requirement has been identified following an annual assessment of Stockton’s housing development – the council’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) – which predicts future housing numbers.

This has found that from 2021 until 2026, there are not enough sites to meet Stockton’s housing requirements, as set out in its Core Strategy development blueprint, and the borough is likely to fall around 2,800 homes short.

As a result, the authority is now looking at ways to make up the shortfall – and is calling for views on potential sites where new homes could be developed.

Andrew Moss, Associate and Chartered Town Planner at Ward Hadaway, said: “This is a real opportunity for land owners and developers to make their views known on development in the Stockton area.

“There are a number of reasons for the projected shortfall in housing requirements.

“Firstly, many of the sites originally anticipated to come forward in this period are in the urban core of the Borough where there are delivery challenges that likely would require public investment to make them viable.

“However, these funding sources previously available to support the delivery of infrastructure have now been significantly reduced.

“A further reason is the market is weak in parts of the urban core and a further challenge to the viability and deliverability of development schemes.

“It is pleasing to see that the council has responded positively to the issue and to seek to rectify the shortfall in a planned and co-ordinated way.”

Stockton Borough Council has now issued a consultation paper entitled ’Planning for Housing: Core Strategy Review Issues and Options’ on the issue.

This invites comments, poses questions and seeks views on specific possible sites for new homes which could be developed if need be.

Land owners, developers and other interested parties can see the consultation paper on Stockton Council’s website at and have until September 19 to respond with their views.

Andrew Moss said: “This should be of real interest to land owners and developers, especially those with an interest in the house building sector.

“Decisions made as a result of this consultation could have quite an impact on the pattern of future development across Stockton with potential for a knock-on effect across Teesside.”

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