Ward Hadaway helps Blue Bunny Café spring into life | 10 January 11

LAW firm Ward Hadaway has helped a young entrepreneur set up a new live music venue on Tyneside.

Stuart Clark (centre) with Joanne Milne (left) and Cheryl Oliver of Ward Hadaway

Spring in the step – Stuart Clark (centre), owner of the Blue Bunny Café with Joanne Milne (left) and Cheryl Oliver of Ward Hadaway, who provided legal advice on the establishment of the café.

Property and licensing experts at the firm’s Newcastle office advised Stuart Clark on the establishment of the Blue Bunny Café in Newcastle city centre.

The café offers a mix of breakfasts and comfort food to diners during the day and a bar and live music during the evening, as well as exhibiting work by local artists on its walls.

Located on St Mary’s Place between Newcastle and Northumbria Universities, the Blue Bunny Café aims to be a venue of choice for the city’s large student population.

Set up by Newcastle University graduate Stuart Clark, the venture has already created four full-time jobs as well as a number of part-time posts.

Stuart explained: “I’m originally from Norfolk, but when I finished university I wanted to stay in the North-East.

“I have been in residential property and refurbishments for the last couple of years, but I really wanted to start up my own venue.

“The location for the café is perfect and the idea is to have a nice relaxed environment for people to hang out in and enjoy some good music and good food.”

Joanne Milne of Ward Hadaway’s property team advised Stuart on the leasehold of the Blue Bunny Café while Cheryl Oliver of the law firm’s licensing team advised on licensing issues, including the securing of the licence for live music to take place on the premises.

Joanne said: “It was a pleasure to help Stuart and his team on the Blue Bunny Café and we wish them all the success with the venue.”

Cheryl said: “Combining a café and a live music venue is an innovative idea so we were pleased to be able to play a small part in making the Blue Bunny Café a reality.”

Stuart Clark added that the new café’s name is a tribute to a childhood toy.

He explained: “When I was little, my bear was called Blue Bunny and I used to draw pictures of what the Blue Bunny Café would look like.

“When I was older and wanted to go into business, my dad bought me the rights to the Blue Bunny Company name so it seemed the right thing to call the café after that.”

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