Ambitious businesses in growth funding push | 23 October 09

NORTH companies have a renewed appetite for funding to grow their businesses, according to the organisers of a recent seminar on future finance.

Corporate finance and banking experts from law firm Ward Hadaway say there is a strong push from companies to expand their enterprises with a variety of potential sources being examined.

The comments come after more than 60 business people attended a seminar organised by Ward Hadaway which featured contributions from some of the region’s leading dealmakers.

Entitled ‘Show Me The Money’, the event was aimed at showing small and medium-sized businesses the range of options to access additional capital.

As well as corporate finance and banking experts from Ward Hadaway, the seminar also featured presentation and advice from Barclays Bank, Tait Walker Corporate Finance and NorthStar Equity Investors.

Marion Bernard, CEO of NorthStar Equity, discussed prospects for accessing venture capital backing and how to get your business ready to attract investment.

Katherine Hay-Heddle, partner in the corporate finance team at Ward Hadaway, said: “From the attendance at the seminar and the kind of questions which were asked there, it is clear that there is a real appetite for expansion amongst businesses in the region.

“They are thinking beyond mere survival in the current economic climate and are busy developing strategies and growth plans.

“Hopefully the seminar gave them some important pointers on the kind of financial backing available out there and what they need to think about in order to access it and make it work for their businesses.”

Ward Hadaway has now posted a special question and answer piece addressing some of the key issues raised by the seminar on its website. Click here to read it.

Topics covered include why banking charges have risen, what kind of funding deals are being offered and what companies need to know about private equity investment.

Katherine Hay-Heddle said: “Funding options for small and medium-sized businesses have undergone substantial change over the past 12 to 18 months, but the investment is still out there for the right kind of companies.

“Hopefully this guide will act as a good starting point for businesses to make informed decisions about finance and taking their next steps forward.”

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