MyZones keeps clients well-connected | 24 September 07

Ward Hadaway is keeping its clients well-connected with the help of advanced wireless Internet technology.

The law firm has turned to the Onyx Group and their WiFi Partner MyZones to provide wireless connectivity for the Boardroom and meeting rooms of its two buildings on Newcastle’s Quayside.

The system is used to ensure that clients and visitors attending meetings at the firm’s offices are able to keep in touch with the outside world, whilst conducting their business or attending meetings.

Clients are provided with an individual user name and password when they enter the building, thus providing them with free Internet access for their wireless-enabled laptop computers or PDAs.

Security measures within the system’s comprehensive management facility restrict the use of the service to authorised users only.

The landing page, through which users access the service, has been tailored to fit in with the firm’s corporate identity.

Greg Taylor, Head of Technology at Ward Hadaway, said: “We work with some of the biggest companies in the North of England and beyond, and some negotiations and other major meetings that we host can go on for hours, or even days.

“Clients need to have easy access to all the information they require to make these meetings happen, and with almost everything done electronically these days, that means secure, consistent connection to the Internet wherever they are.

“Onyx and MyZones have given us a simple, efficient method of providing this connectivity for clients via a secure system which is separate from our own wireless network -  feedback so far has been very positive and it has definitely made a tangible difference to the way in which clients can operate on our premises.”

The MyZones system allows companies to modify the first page on which users land to include any message they choose, such as information on products, services or forthcoming events.

Bob Cleary, Business Development Manager at MyZones,  said: “Clients regularly use meeting rooms on their professional advisors’ premises as their own office when a big deal or important meeting is approaching, and they need to have access to all the computing facilities that they usually enjoy on home ground.

“The MyZones system provides the type of secure, consistent Internet access that is required to maintain the flow of business critical information, and Ward Hadaway now has a very flexible and effective ‘added-value’ service that it can offer its clients.”